Fabian Klindt
UX Manager
UXQB® CPUX-F Certified 15+ years of experience in web design
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Users are people, too!*

* Looking at you, users of enterprise software...

An interdisciplinary approach to UX design in business applications

As a graduate of the Humanities, it's easy to see why I fell in love with Human Centered Design: I have a natural interest in people and in contributing something positive to their daily lives.

Accordingly as a UI/UX designer I'm particularly passionate about enterprise UX. I want my designs to have a meaningful impact.

Knowing that users spend a significant part of their workday using enterprise software means every click truly matters, which provides exciting challenges both from a design and a business perspective.

UX in enterprise software is still being described as a neglected issue. Business applications have a bad rep: they are said to be hard to use and generally ugly. Interestingly, people who buy enterprise software (management) are usually not the ones who use it on a daily basis.

While the fundamentals of UX design are undoubtedly the same for B2B or B2C design, user needs can differ to a rather drastic degree.

What's more, use cases can be quite complex and tech debt in legacy software can be an important factor. In Germany we say software is "historisch gewachsen" and I think that's beautiful.

With regard to enterprise UX design it's thus oftentimes important to understand and make the most of (technological) restraints.

In the story of enterprise UX, "Betriebsblindheit" is the villain. My degree enables me to understand complex issues quickly, ask the right questions and communicate cleary.

That's why I believe an interdisciplinary approach to UX contributes to a better overall user experiences. After all, users of business applications are people, too!

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Please note I'm unfortunately unable to show enterprise UX design due to confidentiality.

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Fabian Klindt

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